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My journey for 2 years and half

[160416] another 12days to finish my study. Feel like yesterday i started my study. I'm gonna miss everything. People's change but memories not. I'll leave cosmopoint with a lot of sweet memories. Friends. Lecturers. Also memories with the beloved one. I'm gonna cry 😂 everything seem like haa. Time flies so fast. I'm gonna leave my college's year. I'm still remember that day I met Joel. The second day me as Cosmopoint's student. We just sit in front each other and just smile. And the best thing is i feel that he is cute. Hahaha. But he doesnt remember that thing! I hate him! Then we never met again. But. Yaa. Kalau dah jodoh. Mesti jumpa punya. Business carnival. I met him again. And he sat beside me while watched me talking with diana. He is so busybody ever and ever. Until now! The kepochi one. Then he go and came back asked us (diana and me) to be a dancer for artshow day. And we of course say no. And no way. Why us? Hahaha. Then that the really first time berbual with Joel. Not a berbual panjang just more to hoo ok ok. Yeke? Ntah lah. Tengoklah mcm mana. But that moment he not seem trying hard. He seem like wanna kacau kacau so i'm not amik pusing sgt. So i'm just ignore it. Then we never met again. AGAIN?! Yes. Hahahaha. [281213] someone sent me a private message on fb saying "hi. Macam kenal nurul huda ni. Tp syg dia xapprove kita" and i be like wait who's this guy and i stalked his fb and be like oh! This guy lah. Hahaha. So i'm said sorry semua. So just berbual biasa nothing special. But the most epic thing happened. I found him on twitter also at the same day. What a destiny! Hahahaha. And he asked for my id wechat. Why now? My thought. Why now i met him? Bcause i'm already broken for twice for that year. Starting that day. He trying so hard to get my heart. Cehwah. Calling me every night sampai tidur pukul 5. Simbah me with all sweet words. Before i know him. Adalah get relationship with two men. The useless. The very sado man but not good in relationship. Not admit me as a his girl. Treat me like wait who am i at your eyes? Ignore me. And later with my ex classmate that treat me as sekadar persinggahan. Say love things to me but rindu ex girlfriend. Oh dude pls. Dont waste my time. I'm tired enough with your games. Your stupid love games. So Joel. Until now 😍 never change. And will never change my heart. Only him and always be. [280114] i terima u. Yaaayyy. Declaration to get relationship again. With mr Joel Isaias De silva. Hahaha. Awkward. But selesa. The first met before the declaration. Rasa mcm selesa je dengan dia. Maybe bcause the way he treat me. He treat me like i'm his friend. No love word expressed from him. Just berbual benda biasa. No usha usha word. I like it. I know i will be okay with him. He not always stick with me. He just does his work. He asked me to hold his hp. Wait. What? Yes. He asked me to hold his hp. Hahahaha. Bf aku pun takbagi aku pegang hp tau. Once pegang je. Elok elok hea. Mahal ni. Jangan calar. Do i look like i care?! But joel relax je. Hp dia jatuh pun dia relax je. Hp boleh beli baru. Aku dia takboleh ganti baru. Hahahaha. Continue nanti lah. Nak tidur. Goodnight 😘😘